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PCB Production

BYSCO TECHNOLOGY Limited is a high quality manufacturer of all types of Printed Circuit Boards from the standard FR4 to a variety of specialised substrates including aluminium for heatsink requiring applications in ShenZhen, China. Our product include the supply of Single sided and Double sided PCBs and Multi layer PCB ( up to 28 layer )  .

We offer printed circuit board solutions across a wide variety of applications and industries including Industrial controls PCB, Military & Automotive PCB, Medical PCB,Networking and Telecom PCB,Semiconductor PCB,Solor and Green technology PCB and Computer Perioherals PCB. We also offer PCB Assembly, both Surface Mount and conventional THT, and supply etched Solder Paste Stencils for use in Surface mount build. Our turnaround on orders ranges from 24 hour prototyping services to 10-15 day standard lead-times, on normal orders, including scheduled and regular monthly call off requirements.

We believe you will find our rates competitive, and we are highly motivated to ensure customer satisfaction. BYSCO tries to build strong bonds with its loyal customer base by delighting you at every given opportunity. In short you can expect to find that we provide:

-- Quality

-- Consistensy of service

-- Competitive rates

-- And a prompt and helpful response to your needs

 Please contact at sale@chinapcba.com if you need urgently quote. We will reply you within 2hours after received your email.