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At BYSCO Technology we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers. Our commitments can loosely be fitted into the following categories.


"Quality beyond expectation"
At BYSCO, quality is not just about meeting the approvals of the industry;
it is about surpassing and continuously improving them to ensure our products and services meet the needs and expectations of our customers.
Spirit is certified to the internationally recognised ISO9001:2000 quality standard and is authorised by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to apply to the UL Component Recognition Mark.

IPC Printed Board Standards
Established in 1957, IPC is the only trade association that brings together designers, board manufacturers, assembly companies, suppliers and original equipment manufacturers. In the absence of any customer specified performance/acceptance standards, BYSCO uses the series of IPC Printed Board Standards (performance classification 2) as its default quality standard. In particular IPC-A-600 is used to determine the acceptability of printed boards in terms of internally and externally observable characteristics. 


Lean Manufacturing
The goal of Lean manufacturing is to eliminate waste within an organisation such to deliver superior customer service in the most efficient and effective manner.
Lean is focused on eliminating non value adding processes and activities in all parts of the business so that efforts and resources are directed to those activities that the customer values and is willing to pay for.
Lean addresses eight classic wastes which include over production, waiting and delays and product defects. It is not a quick fix (although there are some quick wins) but requires proper planning and training/awareness of employees to implement and sustain through the use of lean tools/techniques such as 5S, Value Stream Mapping and SMED.
The effectiveness of Lean will be monitored and measured through BYSCO's KPI's which include on-time delivery performance, internal yield and scrap, product cycle time and customer returns/complaints.


Service and Relationship Management
Each customer is allocated an account manager from our dedicated sales team. This person will act as your initial point of contact and, where necessary, will direct you to the relevant department. The sales team is readily available to arrange one-to-one meetings should you wish to discuss any issues in more detail. We believe communication is fundamental in all relationships and therefore we have policies in place that measure communication response times in an effort to make your experience of working with BYSCO as efficient as possible

Technical Support
We have a highly knowledgeable workforce and senior management team which, collectively, have more than 5 years of circuit board design and manufacturing experience in a variety of market sectors. We are confident that we have intellectual resources to support your requirements whether your products are in the prototype or mass fabrication stages.

Lead Times and Delivery
Having undergone a comprehensive program in Lean Manufacturing and having a strong focus on the needs of our customers, we feel the integrity of our business largely rests on our commitment and ability to deliver on time. We can offer lead times from as little as 24hours for prototypes and 5 days for product.

We feel it is essential for the long term success of our customers and future sustainability of our business to pursue a pricing policy that is not only competitive, but will also enable BYSCO to secure a lasting relationship with customers through its ability to uphold durable business. Our manufactured products are produced using 'lean principles' so that waste is eliminated at every possible point of the process and cost savings are sought both internally and through loyal relationships with our suppliers. You can be sure that our prices are competitive, and reflect our desire to continually serve our customers.  

Training and Development
We recognise that our workforce is our most valuable asset and so we invest considerable resources into updating and strengthening their skills. We operate in a learning culture and have a comprehensive in-house training programme. The programme embraces the key concepts of 'lean manufacturing' and 'continuous improvement', and encourages employees to take an innovative and proactive approach to process evaluation and problem solving. Our investment in our employees means our customers can take advantage of benefits generated from:
  1. Higher levels of productivity
  2. A faster learning curve
  3. Fewer mistakes
  4. Improved communication


Capital Investment
We operate in an industry that requires constant capital investment in order to stay at the forefront of technology. At BYSCO we have continually invested in the right equipment and processes to ensure we move in tune with industry demands and specific customer requirements.

Please contact at sale@chinapcba.com if you need urgently quote. We will reply you within 2hours after received your email.