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Quality in the PCB Manufacturing Process

The following is an overview of the quality inspection and testing that are part of our manufacturing process:

In-process inspection at critical processes

·  Dry film

·  Cuposit

·   Etch

·   Solder mask

Machine testing

·  Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

·  Electrical testing

·  Impedance testing

Final inspection

·  Visual

·  Dimensional

The coupons on the panelized end product provide further information for the final inspection. These coupons show:

· A microsection analysis - to IPC class 2 & 3 standards

· of layers

· Tests on all 4 corners

Quality in the PCB manufacturing process is further evidenced by the certifications BYSCO TECHNOLOGY has achieved:

· ISO - 9001 Certified

· UL Qualified

· IPC-600-A Certified Trainers

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