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Rohs Mangement

1. RoHS the index of correlation and the control request to carry on the company whole staffs to train and to inspect, do everybody knows, everybody all understands;

2. Conforms to the RoHS original material (plate and printing ink must meet the RoHS requirement) to request the supplier to provide is related the RoHS inspection report and meets the requirement, and can do the regular inspection;

3.The original material's storage must divide RoHS and the non-RoHS region makes the classified control, takes strict precautions against the confusion;

4. Makes with PCB which in the regulation uses has the immediate contact tool and the supplementary material or the liquid medicines and so on must meet the RoHS requirement, the RoHS product and isolates the discrimination with the non-RoHS product to lay aside and to mark;

5. Every month make the regularly inspecting to finished product which meets the RoHS request.

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