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Quality in Designing Your PCB

We have been in PCB and PCB assembly business for ten years. We are very confident about the quality of our work base on our experience and expertise accumulated over the years.  Our mission is to become your Reliable Outsourcing Partner. Our commitment is to treat you courteously and your project professionally, and to ensure you are completely satisfied with every project.

Our proprietary quality processes address several areas. We'll address them in sequence

· Quality in manufacturing your printed circuit board design

· Quality in the printed circuit board manufacturing process

· Quality in customer service

· Quality in customer communication

Quality in Manufacturing your Printed Circuit Board Design

Quality processes begin as soon as your gerber files are received. Our new Technical Support Center reviews every design and will call with problems or suggestions as soon as your PCB design is received.

Then, throughout the manufacturing process, our engineers continuously check to see that the board is true to your specifications. Should an issue arise, you will be contacted immediately by an engineer with hands-on knowledge of your design and the issue, and who is empowered to resolve that issue.

In fact, each board goes through at least 9 different tests and inspections.

·Certificate of Compliance

· Microsection Lab Report

· First Article Report (Fabrication)

· First Article Report (Hole Sizes)

· Final Inspection Report

· Electrical Test Certification (HiRel)

· Electrical Test Certification

· Impedance Report

· Ionic Cleanliness Report

Some of these reports are always included in the shipment package. Others may be requested, for an extra charge.

We will gladly rework your project until you are 100% satisfied. Please contact at sale@chinapcba.com if you need urgently quote. We will reply you within 2 hours after received your email.