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Prototype PCB Assembly


BYSCO provide PCB Assembly to a wide range of customers within a variety of industries in Shenzhen, China.

Many customers want a prototype of an assembled Printed Circuit Board that they can test in a finished working product. This allows them to modify their PCB as needed.


Prototype PCB assembly includes many critical considerations regardless of how small or large the volume production you are planning. Bysco Technology Limited. thoroughly analyzes all aspects of your project to ensure that no criteria are overlooked.


Flexibility to do machine loading versus hand loading is also important. That’s because the project may deal with small quantities involving moderate technology. Hence, it may be easier and faster to hand load the project. A prototype PCB assembly shop should be flexible enough to do turnkey versus consigned assembly jobs because different projects and different customers have different needs, hence flexibility comes in handy to support them.

Some of the factors we analyze include :

    Making sure the criteria for selection includes ways to efficiently handle fine pitch CSP and BGA devices

    Provide the most cost-efficient inventory management possible

    Maintain highly accurate and effective test capabilities

    The capacity and flexibility to provide machine loading or hand loading for optimal results - for smaller runs, involving less complex technology, hand loading may be indicated. Larger runs may require turnkey assembly for best results.

    Manage component procurement so that whether the BOM is small or large, parts are cross-referenced and resources are easily available even for difficult to obtain and obsolete components.

Low Volume PCB Prototype Manufacturing

Of course many other variations of technology and lead-time can be offered and prices will be quoted on application. Our Prototype SMT equipment is first rate. From PCB Prototype Drill to Assembly we guarantee a fast effiecient service.

Solder Paste Stencils are usually despatched within 2 to 3 days from receipt of your manufacturing information. However for urgent requirements a "24 Hour" service or even "While you wait" can be arranged.



-- Surface Mount and Assembly

-- ConventionalPrinted Circuit assembly with auto insertion and flow solder capability and hand soldering of PCB‘s

-- Mixed technology Printed Circuit Boards and double sided SMT

-- Specialists in from prototype to production volumes

-- Fast and efficient response to enquiries

--Build from free issue or competitively procured parts

-- Delivered lead-times from 24 hours when required

--Full 100% quality assured inspection

-- Free advice on component availability and sourcing service


 Interested in Production PCB Assemble Feel free to contact us for more information sale@chinapcba.com