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We also have a simple and easy way to get a quotation for your FEATURED SERVICEs. If you quote for flexible boards, please use our FPC quote page. For rigid boards, please use our FEATURED SERVICE or PCB full featured quoting page. Please use our PCB Assembly if you need PCBA.
General Information
Your name:*
Phone number:
Project Information
PCB- or Project Name:*
Quantity, Size and Lead Time
Quantity of Single PCBs:*
PCB Size:*  X   Y
Delivery as: Single PCBs Panel (According to Drawing) Panel
Panel according to drawing:  Number of boards in the panel
 X   Y
Date / Lead Time:*
General Specifications
Number of Layers:*
2-Layer 4-Layer 6-Layer  
Material Thickness:*
0.1 mm/0.0039" 0.2 mm/0.0079" 0.3 mm/0.012"
Base Material:*
Polyimi adhesive    
Copper Thickness Outer Layers:*
12µ 18µ 35µ 70µ
105µ 140µ 210µ 300µ
Copper Thickness Inner Layers:*
12µ 18µ 35µ 70µ
105µ 140µ 210µ  
No Inner Layers
Trace Width/-Gaps:*
3 mil(0.075mm) 4 mil(0.1mm) 5 mil(0.125mm)
6 mil(0.15mm) 8 mil(0.2mm) >8 mil(>0.2mm)
Smallest drills:*
0.15 mm 0.20 mm 0.25 mm
>=0.30 mm    
Silk Print:*
No Single Sided Double Sided
Solder Mask:*
No Yes,color:
No Yes,color:
No Yes  
Other Information/Specials:
Mechanical Specifications
Mechanical Treatment:
Routing V-Cut V-Cut & Routing
Others Procedures 
Surface Finish
Surface Finish:
Lead Free (RoHS)
Tin (RoHS)
Gold (RoHS)
RoHS-compliant, any surface
Other Surface Finish 
Comments or additional information:
Upload File
Upload File: Upload CAD files and documentations in zip format.

Note: "Subject to Confirmation" will be quoted if no CAD files are provided for calculation. Binding prices can only be quoted with CAD files. Thank you for your kind understanding.