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We also have a simple and easy way to get a quotation for your FEATURED SERVICEs. If you quote for flexible boards, please use our FPC quote page. and FEATURED SERVICE. For PCBA, please use our PCB Assembly .
General Information
Your name:*
Phone number:
Project Information
PCB- or Project Name:*
Quantity, Size and Lead Time
Quantity of Single PCBs:*
PCB Size:*  X   Y
Delivery as: Single PCBs Panel (According to Drawing) Panel
Panel according to drawing:  Number of boards in the panel
 X   Y
Date / Lead Time:*
General Specifications
Number of Layers:*
1-Layer 2-Layer 4-Layer 6-Layer
8-Layer 10-Layer 12-Layer 14-Layer
16-Layer 18-Layer 20-Layer 22-Layer
24-Layer 28-Layer    
Material Thickness:*
0.1 mm 0.15 mm 0.2 mm/0.0079"
0.3 mm 0.5 mm 0.8 mm/0.031"
1 mm/0.039" 1.2 mm/0.047" 1.55 mm
2 mm/0.079" 2.4 mm 3 mm
Base Material:*
FR4 Flex Alu Rogers
Copper Thickness Outer Layers:*
12µ 18µ 35µ 70µ
105µ 140µ 210µ 300µ
Copper Thickness Inner Layers:*
12µ 18µ 35µ 70µ
105µ 140µ 210µ  
No Inner Layers
Trace Width/-Gaps:*
3 mil(0.075mm) 4 mil(0.1mm) 5 mil(0.125mm)
6 mil(0.15mm) 8 mil(0.2mm) >8 mil(>0.2mm)
Smallest drills:*
0.15 mm 0.20 mm 0.25 mm
>=0.30 mm    
Silk Print:*
No Single Sided Double Sided
Solder Mask:*
No Yes,color:
No Yes,color:
No Yes  
Other Information/Specials:
Mechanical Specifications
Mechanical Treatment:
Routing V-Cut V-Cut & Routing
Others Procedures 
Surface Finish
Surface Finish:
Lead Free (RoHS)
Tin (RoHS)
Gold (RoHS)
RoHS-compliant, any surface
Other Surface Finish 
Comments or additional information:
Upload File
Upload File: Upload CAD files and documentations in zip format.

Note: "Subject to Confirmation" will be quoted if no CAD files are provided for calculation. Binding prices can only be quoted with CAD files. Thank you for your kind understanding.